Welcome to Exposure Events

We make things happen by bringing the right people together

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Welcome to Exposure Events

We make things happen by bringing the right people together

Who are we?

Newly set up in Barcelona, Exposure events is a bespoke events project that has been created by a team of multilingual public relations specialists with many years of experience in organising cutting edge and informative events, in cities such as London, Paris, Tel Aviv, Amsterdam and Brussels.

Are you interested in Fintech and Blockchain? Perhaps you are interested in the benefits and risks of Artificial Intelligence? Or you are trying to set yourself up as a Digital Nomad and want to learn about Entrepreneurship…

If so, watch this space as these are just a few of the topics that we will be Exposing you to over the next 6 months where we will give the stage to some of the brightest and best minds, to discuss some of the most relevant and innovative topics that are of interest today.

Our Mission

To provide our audience with an interactive and educational event experience alongside encouraging networking between enthusiastic forward thinking individuals.

Our Ethos

If you bring the right people together, things happen! That is what we have done time and time again in the past and will continue to do for all of our future events.


Our Vision

To organise events that positively contribute to the building of new communities achieved through the sharing of ideas and exchange of information.

Past Events

Lets Talk Blockchain: Adapting Business Models

If 2017 was the year of Bitcoin, then 2018 is going to be the year of blockchain technology. In our first conference in Barcelona we will discuss the issue of how blockchain technology will impact the business world. With 2 very distinguished speakers taken from academia and the private sector, our conference will not only discuss the future impact blockchain technology could have on business, but also present developments which are occurring today.

8th March 2018 – 18:30 – Aticco Co Working Space 

Contact Us


Do you have an idea on how we can cooperate? Or would you like to speak on a specific topic at one of our events? If so fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We are very keen to work with other organisations and individuals on future events and are always looking for the right counterparts. Our goal is deliver quality events with exciting themes and speakers if you would like to cooperate do get in contact with us.

You can send us any general inquiries you may have in the form below or alternatively email us directly at team-exposure@mail.com 

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