Newly created and based in Barcelona, Exposure events is a bespoke event organisation project created by Armen Andonian and Lydia Szantova. Together, we are a team of multilingual public relations specialists with many years of experience in organising cutting edge and informative events, in cities such as London, Paris, Tel Aviv, Amsterdam and Brussels to name a few.

Now combining forces, abilities, networks and a new city to work with, we will Expose you to a number of fantastic events in 2018 that will give stage to the brightest and best minds, to discuss some of the most relevant and innovative topics that are of interest today.

  • Our Mission – To not only provide our audience with an interactive and educational event experience but also to encourage networking between enthusiastic forward thinking individuals.

  • Our Ethos – If you bring the right people together, things happen! and tat is what we have done time and time again in the past and will continue to do for all of our future events.

  • Our VisionTo organise events that positively contribute to the building of new communities achieved through the sharing of ideas and exchange of information..

Some of our upcoming events will focus on:

  • Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency

  • Artificial intelligence

  • Social media marketting

  • Entrepreneurship

Registration for all of our events will available through Eventbrite.

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